Balang Set

GH₵ 365.00GH₵ 169.00

Bay Jacket

GH₵ 235.00GH₵ 99.00

Bello Boubou

GH₵ 480.00GH₵ 199.00

Bita Shift Dress

GH₵ 250.00GH₵ 99.00

Bliss Bow Shift Dress

GH₵ 265.00GH₵ 129.00

Blossom Boubou

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 169.00

Bust Pleated Kone Dress

GH₵ 385.00GH₵ 159.00

Cannan Shift Dress

GH₵ 285.00GH₵ 140.00

Cilla Floral Drapped Dress

GH₵ 290.00GH₵ 99.00

Cillian Drapped Dress

GH₵ 180.00GH₵ 99.00

Dilla Two-Piece

GH₵ 445.00

Elia Midi Dress

GH₵ 315.00GH₵ 129.00

Embellished Tilla Blouse

GH₵ 235.00GH₵ 88.00

Floral Boho Dress

GH₵ 345.00GH₵ 139.00

Fyla Dress

GH₵ 345.00GH₵ 149.00

Gela Shift Dress

GH₵ 170.00GH₵ 99.00

Giza Versatile Dress/Top

GH₵ 150.00GH₵ 88.00

Herna Shift Dress

GH₵ 160.00GH₵ 111.00

Hila Waist Pleated

GH₵ 345.00GH₵ 149.00

Huba Dress

GH₵ 290.00GH₵ 88.00

Jacin Floral Dress

GH₵ 450.00GH₵ 199.00

Jesba Drapped Dress

GH₵ 250.00GH₵ 129.00

Kallis Boubou

GH₵ 380.00GH₵ 188.00

Kallis Frilled Dress

GH₵ 420.00GH₵ 199.00

Kalol Draped Maxi

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 199.00

Katie kimono

GH₵ 220.00GH₵ 99.00

Kessler Shift Dress

GH₵ 270.00GH₵ 129.00

Kirstie draped skirt and Top

GH₵ 335.00GH₵ 139.00

Kita Dress

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 188.00

Musty panel dress

GH₵ 370.00GH₵ 188.00

Nora Two Piece

GH₵ 420.00GH₵ 159.00

Octipal Drapped Maxi

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 99.00

Over Sized Shirt Dress

GH₵ 365.00GH₵ 149.00

Redion Dress

GH₵ 315.00GH₵ 149.00

Reet Draped Boubou

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 149.00

Sela Dress

GH₵ 365.00GH₵ 149.00

Tella Sequin Boubou

GH₵ 580.00GH₵ 399.00

Vile Drapped Dress

GH₵ 195.00GH₵ 99.00

Vola linen Shift dress

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 199.00

Yabis Drapped Maxi

GH₵ 300.00GH₵ 99.00

Zeb Jumpsuit

GH₵ 365.00GH₵ 159.00

Zita Low Waist Dress

GH₵ 350.00GH₵ 199.00



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